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Re: Requests for Base Car list updates here

Originally Posted by G-ForceJunkie View Post
Hi Kevin,

Sorry for the delayed response. Can you provide any information on the suspension setup of those cars, how big of tires you can fit on it? Any special performance options that may have been available?

Also, could you provide the links that show hp and weight?

Matt - Unfortunately, we still haven't rated the Nismo.
most of the good info can be found in the Repair manual i have, but the wiki is accurate for this car

The suspension setup is Dual control arms at the front, spring acting on the top arm, and shock on the bottom. the rear is a dead axle.

The tires fitted from factory vary from year to year (the cars remained basically the same from 1985 to 1993) the early cars had 185, 65 R15, the biggest you can go on factory rims was 205, 50 R15, but you can run 215 and 225 with the correct spacers.

brakes are relatively small, single pistons front and rear, with vented disks in the front, and solid ones in the back. however, from 1979-1987 these cars had Front handbrakes, and small rotors because of the big front calipers.

the HP numbers i am getting is from the Repair Manual i have for the car, its made by Bently.
the WIKI has the same numbers.

the book says 165 HP at 5500, and 188 LB/ft torque.

19841993 2.0 L (1985 cc) B202 16-valve turbo, 160 hp (120 kW; 160 PS)-175 hp (130 kW; 177 PS) at 5500 rpm and 255 Nm (188 lbft)-273 Nm (201 lbft)

Performance options are really few and far between. its a fairly nimble car, the only performance options that were available and made a difference was the RED box APC (electronic, knock detecting boost Controller) the red APC makes 175 HP and 201 LB/ft (the second set of numbers in the HP thing i put above)
the only other performance option would be the SPG kit. its a performance package with stiffer, slightly shorter (10 MM) springs and a factory body kit, with a front lip.
The only aftermarket mods i can think of would be putting a bigger turbo, larger down pipe, modding the APC to run more boost, chipping the ECU to run richer when on boost, fitting aftermarket EMS's, ect. one of the easiest is the Koni red shocks, which are adjustable (4 settings on the front, 3 on the back) springs are hard to come by, but they are out there.

Anything else you need, let me know.
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