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Re: Requests for Base Car list updates here

I have a question regarding trims.

Lets say the same car has the same power and everything, but one comes with leather, bigger rims, fancy electronics, etc... The HI is the exact same as well because the suspension is the same.

Now, the manufacturer has not published official weights of the more premium trim and thus there is no verifiable way to tell the weight difference. My question is:

1) Would the CCC make efforts to classify another trim (if it weighed 50 - 120lbs more than the same base class car)?

2) Could leeway be given to weigh the car and submit a curb weight not based on the rims that you will run, but the stock rims, the exact way the manufacturer weighs the car? Please note that the car is completely stock.

3) Could weight be reduced another way to even up the competition without taking pips?

4) Does the person with the premium car have to suffer a performance penalty in the name of 'simplifying rules'?

An answer sooner rather than later would be nice (unlike the genesis classification ).
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