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Re: Requests for Base Car list updates here

2. No, because the heavier optional equipment can all be swapped out for lighter OEM equipment that comes on the same model/trim without incurring any PIPs. See next point.

- If the ccc can look into this a little bit more I'd appreciate it. It would make more sense to change the weight of the vehicle than for me to yank out all the additional OEM electronics, or buy/replace the components that came in the downgraded model/trim.

3. Yes, there are plenty of allowable modifications that result in weight reduction and no PIPs.

- The issue in my case is that car x and car y both with the same power and handling, car x has +70lbs ballast that is OEM.

4. No. If we did what you suggest, then the car with heavier optional equipment would have an unfair advantage...since it could stand to lose more weight for free.

- I don't quite understand this but I assume you mean car x and car y weigh the same, and car x has permitted 0 pip removable parts that as a summation weigh more than the same parts from car y. That isn't the case in this situation.

Hopefully there is an easy solution to my stock OEM concern as I'd like to keep the car completely stock the way it came from factory.
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