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Toyo R888 Info

I am looking for some information regarding the Toyo R888 type tires, please.

The OFFC/TTFC (Formula Ford) is running on this tire starting this year. I was wondering what people have found during their use of them.

Do the tires go off after so many heat cycles or do you find that they work well until you wear them to the cords?

On Sunday morning of the BEMC race, our driver went out for qualifying on a scrubbed set of tires (1 heat cycle) and felt that the car had more grip but wasn't sure if the track was just getting better. He wasn't complaining about a lack of grip with the previous set of tires and they have a total of 15 heat cycles on them. As a matter of fact he just kept going faster and faster all weekend, but again, we didn't know if the track was just getting better.

Any advice or information would be appreciated. Thanks.
Stephen Adams
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