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Re: Toyo R888 Info

I have been using the R888 for 3 seasons. Our Spec Miata Championship uses the Toyo R888 as the spec tire. Last year I did 17 races including 4 1-hour enduros & a 3-hour enduro on 6 tires on my Spec Miata. The big difference I noticed (between the RA1) was that they require more air pressure. Your Ford is very light and therefore probably wont require drastic air pressures. As a base line I would start out at about 34 psi cold. Approx 38-40 psi hot. Then adjust to suit. In the rain add 6 psi. They work good. We find they get better as they wear and they hold their speed until all the lines are gone. Then its time to replace them. I probably had 25 heat cycles on those 6 tires.

Our Miata's use as much neg camber as possible and therefore we wear the inside of the tire. Between race weekends we flip the tire on the rim to max the wear.

Bruce McNutt
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