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Re: ===Definitive Frequently Asked Question Thread===

Originally Posted by 3wheeler View Post
LOL It would be nice if an OTA representative came out and said that, but that would mean we are penalizing the driver and not the car - something that OTA doesn't do.. These decisions should be based on data and not opinion.

All I can hope is that Chris P. gets tired of running sub-par r-comps(R888) and throws on some street tires, or better yet, TD's or AD048's. This would prove one of two things; Either the Vette needs to be moved as well, or we were unfairly "whacked".
Off topic, but are you running OTA Corey? Would this mean you now have to de-mod you car to get legal again?

Also I am also curious about when we will be able to submit our new PIP schedules. My car is pretty much good to go but from what I have been abe to calculate I will be able to make one more change to my car, I am not certain though.
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