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Re: ===Definitive Frequently Asked Question Thread===

Originally Posted by iamthewheelman View Post
Off topic, but are you running OTA Corey? Would this mean you now have to de-mod you car to get legal again?

Also I am also curious about when we will be able to submit our new PIP schedules. My car is pretty much good to go but from what I have been abe to calculate I will be able to make one more change to my car, I am not certain though.
Looks like I will be as I still can't put together enough money to do a proper W2W season. I plan on getting my race license and maybe doing an arrive and drive type deal to get my feet wet.

As for my car specifically, the 1.5 pips won't be a big issue as I plan to move into SGT1-3 anyways.
Corey Whiteman
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