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Re: ===Definitive Frequently Asked Question Thread===

To catch up on all thats been discussed.... I think having your car "wacked" is a great honor, I only hope one day it happens to me.

Corey thats to bad about the W2W but good stategy, I am sure you'll get it done soon!

As for the wack a mole stuff, I think this is Chris. P's year based on what I am hearing. Didn't we do that season predictions thread last year where we picked winners and dark horses and what not? I think its a Corey, Chris year again with Steve coming out to play as spoiler.

I am happy to be moving into the extremely popular GT3 class, I hope the numbers stay up in that class as it seems a few of the front guys are moving on to other things.

Barry, the ride we went for in that Miata at the shootout was impressive for sure. That thing has ridiculous lateral grip. I too am interested to see a power vs handling comparo this year.
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