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Re: ===Definitive Frequently Asked Question Thread===

A few points here

1) Yes cars get whacked because they win. Our classification system is not perfect (although neither are results) and hence the need for adjustment. We really don't want to go back to the days when there were a few "right" cars to win with all other cars not being competitive.

OTOH it is very rare for a car to get whacked with just one driver results. The Nissan 350 didn't go up until a second driver did so well in a stock car. The SN95 Mustang didn't go up just based on Ujjwal's super dominating results in T1 and GT4. The S2000 did go up based on Krispy AFTER it had been demoted 5% the year before. BTW the C5Z has already been whacked twice and the times this past year were generally slower than previous years, is some cases significantly.

2) The addition of driver wgts to a car's base classification is an advantage to lighter wgt and lower hp cars. A fudge factor has been entered in to the calculation which basically leaves the C5Z exactly where it is. For an average wgt driver there would be approximately 3 extra PIPs for the CRX and 1.4 for the BMW. Whacking these cars just limits the extra advantage that most other competitors get.

3) While we are on the subject, both BMWs that did well this year had a number of mods i.e they were not bone stock. Both of these cars could easily decontent by less than 1 PIP and stay in their respective classes even AFTER being whacked. (we figure 1 PIP to be on average about 0.2 seconds but there is obviously quite a range). As it turns out both Lloyd and Krispy in their C5Zs decided to slow their cars down last year and stay in the same class due to being whacked and in general the lap times showed it.

BTW happy to continue this discussion but we need to move to a different thread.
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