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Re: ===Definitive Frequently Asked Question Thread===

Different view point;

Results for 2013;
E36 BMW won Events 4,5,6,7 and Shootout
C5Z06 Vette won Events 1, 2
CRX won Event 3

All three cars were pretty competitive to each other, with the E36 having a definite advantage.

All three cars were less than one PIP from class limit (CRX was .5 from limit).

For 2014, with driver's weight added, all cars were moved down from their class limit by the effect of the driver's weight.

The three cars had these Final PI, away, from class limit with driver's weight;
Corey in BMW, 2.6
Chris in Vette, 1.1
Mohamed in CRX, 4.7

One of our objectives was to minimize the number of competitors moving down a class because of the addition of drivers weight. We decided to subtract 1.1 PI from all cars in the series to bring the ones near limit back up to that limit. Here are the results after this adjustment;
Corey in BMW, 1.5
Chris in Vette, 0
Mohamed in CRX, 3.6

Applying the 1.5 PI (5% Wacking?) to the BMW and CRX gives us these PI variances to class limit;
Corey in BMW, 0
Chris in Vette, 0
Mohamed in CRX, 2.1

So, Corey and Chris are exactly where they started, while Mohamed gets 2.1 PI to be more competitive.

If everyone remained in their 2013 classes, but with the 2014 changes, above, I expect some of the lower hp classes would win, such as Steve B, Barry, Eric D, Andrew VDP, Pierre L, Mohamed.

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