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Re: ===Definitive Frequently Asked Question Thread===

Originally Posted by John P View Post
Not sure if tires are the difference.

Chris (SGT2) ran on Toyo 888, R compound tires while Lloyd (SGT3) ran on Streets. Lloyd ran his C5Z06 Vette for two years on Streets (2012 - RS3 , 2103 - AD08R).

Here is a comparison of their average PAX results;

2012 - Chris - 99.198 Lloyd - 99.366 (Events 1, 2 were not counted since only Lloyd ran in those events).

2013 - Chris - 98.741 Lloyd - 98.603 (Event 3 results were eliminated because of rain and Event 4 because Chris didn't run).

In those two years Chris had 3 overall wins, while Lloyd had 2. Either driver could take the win on a particular day.

Maybe the 888 is better than general perception?

I am sure there are a few people that would disagree.

But lets agree to diasgree.
Corey Whiteman
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