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Re: ===Definitive Frequently Asked Question Thread===

Originally Posted by Ujjwal View Post
I think this is what Corey was asking for and requesting his car be data logged so it could be taken into account per the calculations. I have actually done real calculations and posted the trends in graphs which although did not change the power index, at least added weight giving a similar effect.

What is this years research and calculation based on that validates the changes? Acceleration, handling? If God came down and drove a stock mazda 2 to victory in sgt3, would it be whacked? I think that is the question that desperately needs a clear answer so people can stop complaining and accept the series and how it works as a lot of anger stems from the false perception that cars are categorized for their undisputable actual performance capability.
Ujjwal, I hear your frustration and I have also asked for that kind of transparency over the years. Perhaps the CCC could show a summary of their findings in support of their decision. Having said that I don't think CCC decisions are based on a data log of the mole car in relation to the data logs of any other cars. That would be too time consuming and nearly impossible since few competitors record data logs. It was good of Corey to suggest data logging for MIR, but what the CCC would really need is a full season's worth of data for Corey and all the top competitors.

Instead, I believe (let a CCC member correct me if I'm off base here) the calculations that occur every year involve some sort of regression analysis on the results for the top drivers in each class. If you draw a line through the results by class for each track then the resulting line(s) should have a slope that is almost the same as a line with pax factors by class. So for a given class, driver and car combination if there are results way above the line on a consistent basis then you have a mole because there is a driver seriously beating the class pax factor on a regular basis. After finding a mole you have to test the assumption that the performance potential of the mole car is in fact greater than the performance potential of the other cars in that class (here you have to make sure the prep-level of the compared cars is known i.e. optimized or not). It isn't perfect but it helps level the playing field.
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