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Re: Essence of CASC Promotional Videos

As most of you are aware we will be continuing the second half of the Essence of CASC videography at Celebration Weekend Sept 27-28. On the Saturday, Phanta Media will be conducting video interviews with the Time Attack & Auto Slalom competitors, series reps and officials as well as completing the action and beauty shots for race division.
On Sunday, there will be mock CASC Auto Slalom competition in the entire lower bowl paved lot for the purposes of shooting the A/S competition video. We ask your indulgence that all road racers to not park there at any time Sunday. If you park there on Saturday, you will be asked to move to another location at the end of the day. They will be setting up the auto slalom track at 7:00am. We appreciate your cooperation.
Also on Sunday, during the lunch hour break, the CASC Ontario Time Attack competitors will be on track for their competition videography session.
We ask that you welcome all our fellow competitors, guests and film crew during this exciting & extremely busy weekend. The film crew may come around and want to include your car/team in the video, please assist wherever possible.
Many thanks to all.
Perry Iannuzzi
Past President
Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs -Ontario Region

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