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Re: 2016 Video Thread

Originally Posted by angus macsac View Post
1st race Sunday 2016-02-28, Street Stud combined SS1 (RWD) and SS4 (AWD) classes.
Lousy 13" Walmart specials just don't seem to work on my car. But I did have a good battle with Rodney Schmelter as a result and still managed 2nd place. Don't miss the "double" Last Lap near the end of the video! LOL
Easily explained. Happened more than once in your race group, each time for the same reason.

At 4:18 you are passed by # 53, the race leader.

When #53 passes the start they receive the last lap sign.

At 4:33 you receive the last lap sign.

The last lap sign indicates a car has started the final lap to complete the race distance, in this case 15 laps.

At around 4:39 #53 slows down and you repass him. Now the first car who will complete 15 laps is not in front of you, they are behind you. So you see the sign a second time because the checkered has not come out yet.

This can happen any time a leader is passed on the final race lap. Once the leader has received the last lap sign, it has to stay up until the checkered flag is shown to someone.

It may seem confusing but it's entirely correct.

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