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Re: Informative guide for Street Stud tires and studs

As posted in the pre season update thread the supplier for all things SS tire related will be Brunel Wessel.

Trust me when I say its been a struggle to get this far,I was to finally have pricing on Friday but that call never came and I've emailed for that once again.

For sizing I've requested the BR41 155-13 which is the tire I tested,and the BR50 in 14" and 15" both are 155's.

I've left the stud pattern up to Black Rocket,the random pattern they used on my test set worked just fine.....a little better off the line than the minimal scratch pattern skinny production tires offer but no noticeable difference once rolling.

Erik for RWD I'd suggest simply buying the WT12 BR stud,you'll be surprised at the durability etc.

BW has built their website to allow simple online order placing and payment for us as well.
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