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Re: Informative guide for Street Stud tires and studs

I still haven't been able to connect with Ulrik as he's out of country.

Pricing for the prestudded tires at as follows.

13" BR41-$188
14" BR50-$215
15" BR50-$235

Box of 1000 WT12 BR studs is $183

All prices are plus shipping and duties,the more people that order the less shipping each pays so its very important that everyone thinking of placing an order contact Ulrik to let him know.

Also this is very time sensitive due to the length of time to ship from Finland at as reasonable a cost as possible.Miss the order for tires and either you bring them in yourself or you wait until next yr,hopefully they bring enough studs in that's not really an issue but I wouldn't chance it.

The black rocket order for Manitoba went in last month so...tick tock both to you guys AND too Bruno Wessel to get the ducks lined up.

I'll post the date orders must be in by as soon as I have it,only been asking for it for 3 months so it should be like any day now.
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