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Re: New Members Website Feedback

Removed from notices and left here for reference

The members site at went live January 3 with most of the members functionality in place.

Many of you will be able to set your password, log in, renew a club membership, and apply for a licence. The requirements to do so are;
  • Your club must permit members to join online
  • You or your club admin must have entered a valid email on your member record
Club admin functionality was available to all clubs on January 8th. If you don't join your club online but instead join your club directly, club admins will be able to add your membership at that time. Once your club admin has added/renewed your membership with a valid email address, you will be able to apply for and purchase your licence online.

There isn't a manual on how to use the site, it's pretty simple, but what we have done is created a few short videos on some typical scenarios;

Renewing Club Memberships And Licences For Existing Members

Renewing Family Memberships

Join Club And Apply For Licence As A New Member

Join As Family Head / Join As Family Member

Resetting Your Password

And one more, only needed if you are going to apply for a licence

Updating Your Licence Information

Licences will NOW be processed and sent out starting the week of January 16th. If someone has a reason for needing a licence before that time to run outside Ontario, contact the CASC office and special arrangements will be made to accommodate you.
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