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Re: New Members Website Feedback

Originally Posted by angus macsac View Post
licences mailed out? I renewed Jan4th hoping to receive in the mail before Jan 20th (ice racing)

thx Scott
Licences not mailed but are coming very shortly (that's on me, not on Deb) - when there's a definitive date for sending we'll let everyone know.

If time is tight to get them in people's hands before the first ice race weekend, there will be alternative arrangements made to make sure everyone gets what they need to go racing.

This is as good a place as any to point out that online applicants do need to upload an updated licence photo if you haven't since the new site went live on Jan 3, and that you can now download the annual waiver, fill it in, sign it, and scan it to PDF, and upload it back to your member profile - no more mailing (and sorry for you organized folks who already mailed yours but they will get handled as well).


Scott (the other one).
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