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2 ice racers for sale

I'd like to sell my tercel and Lisas accent,both currently used in SS2 but either would make good rubber to ice cars as well.

The Tercel,I hunted this car down...its a 1995 base coupe with a 4 speed manual.

New parts include,brake rotors and drums,pads and shoes,calipers,wheel cylinders and all related hardware,brake lines front to back,front and rear shocks and struts converted to coilovers all around,roller bearings under the front springs,koni conical upper spring seats,camber plates,perfect condition JDM engine swap combined with complete wiring harness and ECU from a paseo,new clutch and pressure plate,plugs,cap and rotor,wires,exhaust header,intake including a nice 6" bell mouth ventury complete with open element filter,inline Volvo fuel pump,battery,fog and brake lights

Modifications include,lexan windows everywhere except windshield,lexan trunk,welded diff,3 gallon fuel tank and aluminum enclosure,coil springs and alignments,custom antilift spacers.Probably a fair bit more but I'm drawing a blank.

Chassis is quite good and oil sprayed again this fall,weighed it at 1701lbs with fuel but heavy steel wheels.

Car won the SS2 title its debut season,currently leading class and SS overall this season.

Pricing can be worked out with SS tires,I have 4 pairs I will consider selling.It will come with 4 steel wheels and rubber to move it around on.Also have a spare 5 speed transmission included along with a pair of axles.

I have at least 3k into the car,a bit nutty but that's what it takes to have a dead reliable car capable of running at the front.

Asking $1500 but open to offers.

The Accent,2003 2 door hatch with the larger 1.6 twin cam engine.

New parts include rotors,drums,pads and shoes,brake lines front to back,new drivers side cv shaft,plugs and wires.

Car will come with 4 steel wheels and tires and 4 13" aluminum wheels and I think I have the set of 4 factory 14" aluminum wheels.

Same deal for this car regarding SS tires,I have some options to offer.

Car runs like a champ,I think its a welded diff and a little further lightening away from being a constant front runner.The car won races and the SS rookie of the yr title for the previous owner.

Asking $500.

The tercel has to remain mine until the season ends but the accent could change hands sooner.

Thanks for looking.
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