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Re: 2 ice racers for sale

Originally Posted by robin View Post
Yes - I ended up mounting my 14" tires on trailer rims and still had to use spacers at the front to clear the SX4 calipers.

The Aerio AWD is viscous (with a somewhat high number of reported failures AFAIK). But no messing around with computer-controlled coupler. Pity no manual.

Think its possible to open the case and weld the plates in the viscous coupler?.

Not really much to go wrong with a viscous diff,wonder whats failing?.

I like the '05 and newer 2.3 engine and from what I can tell the auto is more than fast enough in 2nd gear to run the entire track without shifting.I need to test run one of them to see if it has an effective 2nd gear lockout with the shifter in 2nd.

I suck with anything electronic so I'd prefer to not mess with the SX4 electronic rear diff.If I do decide to use an SX4 I'd come up with a way to mechanically lock the center diff instead of playing with electron voodoo.
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