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Re: 2017 Regional Results

Originally Posted by Cliff96 View Post
Travis - if it's the best solution we could ftp them to my mostly unused webhost for in-season results (and put link to it on the auto-slalom section), and then only post the finals on the main site at year end - would that make life easier for you? (Dropbox used to have the ability to view html but they removed it a year or so ago, which would have been awesome for this type of thing.)
Google Drive is easier for me to use. I've been using it for other things too. My only gripe so far is not being able to quickly open the files since they get opened as txt instead of html. A webhost would solve that problem. I'll consider it.

The other technical problem is that the Wi-Fi router has to be disconnected from the laptop in order to tether the laptop to a phone so updates during an event would be a bit cumbersome.

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