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Re: 2017 Regional Results

Originally Posted by Travis View Post
Not to defend the pile of excrement, axware, but most of the issues you guys see at the moment are not timing errors, but registration problems, or problems related to integrating motorsportsreg with axware.

Normally our events go long enough for me to fix things up during the event, and also I spend about an hour after each event fixing up results so that you guys don't see this mess. The sooner you guys see the results, the uglier they are. That's especially true if it's raining while cleaning up because I hadn't even peaked at the results before posting them.
Trav, more than anything I feel bad for you. It's already a lot of pressure on your shoulders and you shouldn't have to deal with constant software issues as well. Just wondering what/if more can be done to alleviate the issues and make things easier for you and the timing crew. Because in the end, without you guys we don't have a regional series and we (all) need to keep that in mind.

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this Travis! We don't give you nearly enough credit!
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