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Re: 2017 Regional Results

We are not alone:

Originally Posted by Travis View Post
Someone who wants to be involved in the future should install the demo (or whatever you want to try) on the laptop & configure it to run with our beams & display*. I'm not willing to do that myself. It's a few hundred bucks so some due diligence should be done before making a proposal to buy it.

*You won't appreciate how bright the display is until you've turned it on indoors!
The programmer in me wants to get another project under my belt!

Originally Posted by sjd View Post
We are. I had been pretty happy with Axtime until our last event when it would not allow us to class or register people like at our last event. We're lucky we use the Race America AC4 so that we get times electronically. So when it works, it works really well which it did most of last year with the exception of getting the wireless results working. It

Support has been a pretty big issue. The guy who created Axtime is in California and also has a startup that just got funded so that takes up all of his time. When I have been able to get his attention, the support is good. Just not what it needs to be and the documentation is really lacking.
Maybe it's time we look at some fully open-source solutions as well?

So far I've seen two:
fsTimer(.org) is custom developed for a charity human race and is too far off from our needs.

Then there's this:
Runs on Python, Django, node.js, the first two I'm currently taking a course on.
However there is no code to talk to any timing gears as far as I can see.

TAC's Autoslalom guy
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