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Re: 2017 Regional Results

Originally Posted by suzukablue View Post
Posting for Murray, he's waiting for someone to approve his request to join the forum:

My software is working, fully supported, and currently in use by at least a dozen clubs. Pleasse sign up to the SASC forum ( if you want to discuss the software and/or hardware.

Or look me up on Facebook (Murray Peterson).
And interesting too. I played with it and put my findings in a new thread instead of clogging up this one. So that leaves the question, who should lead the conversation?

Originally Posted by Lynam55 View Post
Weird no matter what I try I can't find this "membership" with this year's overall results.
It is among the bunch of files in the folder Travis posted, with "membership" in the file's name.

Originally Posted by Daniel View Post
I'm in there and everything looks alright (I think) except for event 3. I'm missing my third run, which I'm pretty sure was my best. No idea what the time was though.

Interesting season!

"Congrats to __________ for the 2017 overall we can tell." Yikes! lol
You ran a red BRZ under your own regional number? If I saw the records correct, your third run was not the fastest and something was off. I'll double check with Travis.

TAC's Autoslalom guy

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