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Re: 2017 Regional Results

Originally Posted by Lynam55 View Post
I added Murray to facebook.
I am seeing the posts on your forum with massive frustration, since getting registered there seems to be impossible. I saw Buurin's latest post, and there are definitely things there that are wrong (or confused). e.g. display digits can be reversed via config. e.g. superclasses are supported. e.g. there are html conversion scripts (crude ones though). e.g. Points ranking is via percentage on PAX or RAW depending on which scoring you choose. My email is @, so feel free to email me (and other interested parties for a conversation about the timing stuff.

BTW, I don't charge for anything anymore. Mods are made at my discretion, since it would be madness and chaos if I did everything people asked for. It is reasonably capable though -- the last 4 Canadian National Championships held in the west have been using my software.
Jamie did Murray say these via facebook?

Well, I knew there was an update within the past couple weeks and that's what I tested with. But I haven't seen a config setting that relate to reversing display digits etc. Maybe there's not enough documentation in the package itself, but Murray is obviously eager to talk to us directly.

Having said that, I have all the info I need to do so, short of an official mandate. If Bruce or Travis feel that he should lead the conversation, I'm happy to pass on any info needed that aren't already on here.

On the bright side though, I think the region will not have to spend the $700 (Axtime asks).

TAC's Autoslalom guy

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