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Re: A possible way out of Axware? First thoughts on MJtiming

I finally got posting approval, so you guys can interact with me directly now.

I'll comment on the latest post by Cliff to start things off.

Originally Posted by Cliff96 View Post
* Building/changing MSR custom reports is easy; I wouldn't worry about this part (in theory we used to, and likely should all use the same account - that way we can make sure the class validations are setup and done correctly on the form.)
I agree. Custom MSR columns can be added to the MJTiming registration. It's a little clunky (editing the CSV file manually for the first time), but not impossible or difficult.

* Display showing backwards; means it's pretty close (the format and protocol are working correctly), there just needs to be a new display type spec'ed in the SW to print the numbers in the inverse order
Already possible. Look under the config tab for something that reads reverseDisplayDigits. Other clubs have run into this, and it was fixed long ago.

* Timing beams; the sensor/emitters can be placed anywhere and aren't specific to start/stop. The wifi-links are specific (and should be well back of the course as they are more $$), but in the event you need them, there should be dongles in either the laptop or bins. They look like ~6" single ended ethernet cables. You turn the unit off, insert the appropriate dongle, and then turn it on - the unit will now act as whatever cable you inserted until you turn it off. If it's power cycled it reverts back to the standard setting written on the case.
I could add this as a config item, but it sounds to me like this isn't necessary.

* Axware allows us to void and suspend start/stop beams. The trick is the operator needs to catch these in time - and know which ones to hit at the right time, if you miss them there is no fixing it later without reruns. (There is a flaw where you can't reset the sector timer itself.)
My software allows you to reset or trigger both start and stop beams. If you do a trigger operation, the times will automatically show 999.999 and mark as a rerun, since the software does no timing internally - it all has to come from the timing hardware.

* On the live results side, if I'm remembering right, axtime includes the source - I'd think it would be more reliable if it could be modified to read the mjtiming output natively, rather then converting it to axware format, and then having axtime convert that to it's own. But I'd put this low on the list, if mjtiming has their own way to push live results.
This is where life starts to get "interesting". Live results from MJTiming are only to a local router and WiFi hotpoint, not the internet. If you want full internet posting, then I can't help you. I am fully willing to give you the source code for my live results app. It's written in C#, using SharpDevelop.

* Text results are fine, and would likely play better with the results module on the website, but still takes way more work then it should to publish them there.
Again, life is interesting. I do have HTML conversion scripts (source available if you want), but there is a huge reason that my software produces text-based scores. It really is realtime, with the updated scores available immediately after a car crosses the finish line. I value the ability of the timing software to run on incredibly low powered netbooks, so HTML formatting just wasn't in my list of important things. Oh, and I am completely useless when it comes to HTML and web apps as well

* The big piece is generating the class and overall results correctly, on the percentage basis - we'd want these available on the live results, and after every run.
OK, I am confused here. I show a percentage score for every driver, for PAX, RAW, and class results. I don't understand where this doesn't match your desires. Those percentage scores are what I use to calculate and generate the season total scores.

I am certanly willing to accept requests for enhancements, but being that this is a free app, I am also willing to ignore them if it would require some major re-write. The software *is* supported, and I can give you contacts at multiple clubs if you want third party reviews of the software as well as my support.

Presently, there are about a dozen clubs (that I know of) using the software. The last 4 western Canadian Nationals have been run using the software, so I think it is reasonably capable And, to brag a bit, it has never lost any data for any club, with one exception (the club's laptop hard drive completely crashed on them). And even then, they could have configured the software to make realtime backups on a USB dongle.

You also have my word that, if I decide to quit supporting the software, I will release the code as open source. The reason I don't do this now, is that supporting software becomes impossibly difficult when other people start modifying it.

Anyway, all questions welcome. You can safely "install" (unzip to a folder) the software on your home computer and play around, even if you don't have timing hardware to enjoy the full experience.
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