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Re: A possible way out of Axware? First thoughts on MJtiming

Welcome Murray! And thanks for this software. I'm sure we are not the only one having problems with Axtime/Axware and looking for a way out.
Originally Posted by MurrayPeterson View Post
I finally got posting approval, so you guys can interact with me directly now.

I am certanly willing to accept requests for enhancements, but being that this is a free app, I am also willing to ignore them if it would require some major re-write. The software *is* supported, and I can give you contacts at multiple clubs if you want third party reviews of the software as well as my support.

Presently, there are about a dozen clubs (that I know of) using the software. The last 4 western Canadian Nationals have been run using the software, so I think it is reasonably capable And, to brag a bit, it has never lost any data for any club, with one exception (the club's laptop hard drive completely crashed on them). And even then, they could have configured the software to make realtime backups on a USB dongle.

You also have my word that, if I decide to quit supporting the software, I will release the code as open source. The reason I don't do this now, is that supporting software becomes impossibly difficult when other people start modifying it.

Anyway, all questions welcome. You can safely "install" (unzip to a folder) the software on your home computer and play around, even if you don't have timing hardware to enjoy the full experience.
Report for MSR export: Cliff also says this is one of the last things I should worry about, so I haven't thought about it much.

Digit backwards: I caught on to that setting after re-reading the files. I can say I'm all good and this "issue" is behind us now.

Manual beam triggers: I have yet to see the 999.999, or maybe I missed it, in my tests. No big deal, I can always key in "RRN" myself. Point is, this feature allows us to undo a false trigger, if caught in time.

Sensor ID reassignment: Agreed, we don't have an immediate need for this change.

Live Results: We supply live results via local wifi as well, not internet, so no problem there. It's just that we're used to seeing Axtime live results. However, if the community agrees to change out the live results part as well, then all the better.

Rank by PAX percentage: I read the VCMC results page you linked to and it is indeed done the same way as ours. Is there a setting that triggers these calculations or is it part of the conversion scripts?

Continuation plans: Github and git should help. Still need someone to manage them though.

All said, we're talking about replacing a key component of the series' operations. We probably need to have a region-level discussion, before actually adopting MJTiming for next year. In the meantime I can find out if additional work is still needed, and if needed is it something that I can do or you have to do.


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