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Re: A possible way out of Axware? First thoughts on MJtiming

Originally Posted by buurin View Post
Live Results: We supply live results via local wifi as well, not internet, so no problem there. It's just that we're used to seeing Axtime live results. However, if the community agrees to change out the live results part as well, then all the better.
I just use a router that is running dd-wrt firmware, with DNSmasq configured to route any requests to a specific IP address. The laptop is listening on that IP address, and is running one of my apps (MJannounce) that services these web page requests. The format is simple and dull -- just a simple HTML wrapper around the text results.

Rank by PAX percentage: I read the VCMC results page you linked to and it is indeed done the same way as ours. Is there a setting that triggers these calculations or is it part of the conversion scripts?
Neither -- it is intrinsic to any of the scoring options with the exception of rally scoring, which uses a point system. The rally scoring is currently broken, BTW. If you look at the Edmonton club's results (unconverted text, not split into separate files), you will see that the percentage score is still there for PAX, RAW, and class scores.

All said, we're talking about replacing a key component of the series' operations. We probably need to have a region-level discussion, before actually adopting MJTiming for next year. In the meantime I can find out if additional work is still needed, and if needed is it something that I can do or you have to do.
There is one thing you probably haven't noticed yet. The software insists on unique "numbers" for all drivers, not just within a class. This was (and is) done for operator simplicity and speed. However, the car "number" is actually any text identifier, so some clubs just concatenate number and class together into a single identifier (e.g. "52CS"). One small club just uses member's initials instead of numbers. Most clubs (ours included) just go with the unique number for every driver.

And if you decide to not use the software, no problem. It's not exactly a money loss on my part

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