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Re: A possible way out of Axware? First thoughts on MJtiming

Thanks Murray for joining up here,

Originally Posted by MurrayPeterson View Post
I just use a router that is running dd-wrt firmware, with DNSmasq configured to route any requests to a specific IP address. The laptop is listening on that IP address, and is running one of my apps (MJannounce) that services these web page requests. The format is simple and dull -- just a simple HTML wrapper around the text results.
Essentially we do the same thing, except with tomato instead of dd-wrt. We actually run/ran two sets of results; first using windows iis (with the axware html results) as the websever, and secondly (which I think is the only one we advertise now is the live results package from axtime (which parses the axware log file, and builds/serves/pushes the live results in it's own package). I haven't looked, but if the source is available for it, someone with some node.js skills should be able to adapt it to read the mj timing format. I just don't have the time right now to learn node and make the changes with all the other stuff on my to do list.

Originally Posted by MurrayPeterson View Post
There is one thing you probably haven't noticed yet. The software insists on unique "numbers" for all drivers, not just within a class. This was (and is) done for operator simplicity and speed. However, the car "number" is actually any text identifier, so some clubs just concatenate number and class together into a single identifier (e.g. "52CS"). One small club just uses member's initials instead of numbers. Most clubs (ours included) just go with the unique number for every driver.
Not a problem, we run unique numbers across an event. A couple years ago we tried relaxing it, but it added confusion as people were used to calling only the car number without the class on a penalty, not fun when things got busy behind the screen with intermittent radio's at a big venue - so we stopped allowing it.

Originally Posted by buurin View Post
All said, we're talking about replacing a key component of the series' operations. We probably need to have a region-level discussion, before actually adopting MJTiming for next year. In the meantime I can find out if additional work is still needed, and if needed is it something that I can do or you have to do.
I don't know about the big discussion, when I was doing it we had flexibility - but things needed to work. I remember, setting things up in the basement to test, and then once I was reasonably confident that it would work, piloting the new system back in the day at the school to make sure it would work for an event, and we did the same when going wireless, set it up in parallel at a club event before using it for a regional. I would suggest the same again.
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