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Re: Toyo Tires Announcement and Sizing Poll

Originally Posted by 3wheeler View Post
Here is a decent test between the RE71 and a NT01 on track. I've heard that the NT01 is the same rubber as an RA1 or an old 888..really not sure what is true. In any case, the new 888R should be faster(at least for Toyo's sake) than the NT01.

I think Chris P. can at least tell us how much better they are than the old 888.

Maybe I shouldn't be commenting considering I am not competing...
All that I can tell you is the R888r & R888 are close enough in performance that selection of one over another is likely more dependent on driver preference, and perhaps car type. Performance and wear characteristics are pretty similar which should be expected given the same rubber compound is used. Do you like stiff sidewalls and lower complaince or soft sidewalls with more gradual progression to slip... To each their own.
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