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Re: Toyo Tires Announcement and Sizing Poll

To clear the air a little, I do agree that:

- Toyo and their support are awesome. Continued work to keeping their support is fantastic and should be applauded.
- The 'autocross compound' super 200TW's relative pace (by which I specifically mean the Rival-S, the RE71R, the Kumho V720 and the Nexen SUR 4G) and, more importantly, wear in comparison to +5 treaded R-comps is an issue.

You're totally right, Miata has great options already. I was taking issue with the stipulation that vette's and similar don't. We don't have a rule set that enforces stock tire sizes, anything you can fit under the fender is fair game. There are Rival S choices that are proven to fit Mustangs, C5, C5Z06, C6 and C6Z06 (and have been since the autocross compound 200TW wars started in 2015). Viper comes from the factory with V720s now. So basically, playing field is pretty even there.

Only point I'm making, is that if you're making an R-comp 0 pips that only half the field can fit...Not an insurmountable issue, but it is an issue. The NT01 comes in wide 15's, the pace is known. Perhaps include it as 0 pips and make the allowance the work for everyone equally.

Or pip the autocross compound super 200's.

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