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Re: Toyo Tires Announcement and Sizing Poll

Originally Posted by Saj5DJ View Post
It looks to me like there the real issue is that RE71R and Rival-S are too quick and too short lived to fit nicely with the other 0 point tires. Would a safer choice not be to make them +5's as opposed to making tire with unknown performance and durability (and really, couple of web articles doesn't change that) that isn't available in everyone's size a +0 when it also doesn't fit the definition of the category?
The problem with doing this is that the baseline is constantly evolving and rather than keeping up, we will always be behind. Right now the RS4 and V720 are getting close to the RE-71R and even BFG has introduced the Rival S 1.5. in (again) limited sizes. Given the fact that the performance of the "cheater" streets and 100 tread wear R comps is now about the same they should run in the same class. It is much easier to bring the 888R down a class then constantly try to adjust for all the other tire manufacturers new upgrades.

As for my C5Z, none of the "cheater" streets fits all that well and they are all significantly more money to purchase new than 888s.

The point is, no one is suggesting that the 888R should become a spec tire and few have suggested it is significantly faster than any of the "cheater" streets, but it is available in a wider variety of sizes. If the 888R doesn't fit your car, I bet there is an RE-71R (or other 200 tread wear tire) that does. If they perform the same, they should compete against each other. Making the 888R a "street" tire by our rules is giving people more choices.
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