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2018/2019 Season

To all.

As you may be aware, I was doing the second year of Barry's two year stint. CASC will be looking for an Autoslalom Director at the AGM in November. It won't be me as I took on a different role in my regular life that is taking up far more time then I expected, and since that one pays the bills, I need to focus my attention on that!

Autoslalom is still the dedicated group I once knew, and they deserve someone far more involved and knowledgeable then me to run the series. A lot of the faces are new to me, but the passion is still there. It has been a joy to be involved.

This is a huge job for just one person. From my one year doing this, I feel we need a team of dedicated folks to successfully run the series with the caliber of professionalism required. Definitely need the Director, who will be the representative for CASC, as well as the liaison with ASN. We need a Head Timer/Registrar to keep the competitors information accurate and to maintain the timing equipment. And finally we need a social media star, for posting of pics, keeping up the Forums and generally helping out where needed. To me, this would make the series even better. And for 2018, CASC-OR has some things that they are working on to make things easier and better yet! New sponsors, hopefully, more money and prizes. Stay tuned to the Forums for those announcements.

The above is just a thought, but team would do so much more a better job. If anyone has any questions about it, please see me at the final event, or email me anytime through CASC-OR, autoslalom director.

I hope to be back behind the wheel of my own car for 2018. The Mustang with 11 year old tires on it was fun, got the desire back to run some more. Won't be the Mustang, that is just a family toy, wait and see what it is.......

Thanks to all that helped on 2017.

Here's to 2018! And Beyond!

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