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Re: Toyo Tires Announcement and Sizing Poll

Originally Posted by Slowpoke View Post
Where was your outrage when the fake 200TW streets weren't made in even STOCK Corvette or VIper sizes, but your Miata enjoyed up to +50mm width from stock in your preferred wheel diameter? Starting the off-season rule battles, Barry?

Am I one of the few who has run RE-71-R, RA1, R888, R888R and RS4? I haven't run the new Rival, but seems to be equal to a RE-71-R. What we're proposing is a fair grouping. We could also cherry-pick which Streets to move up to non-premium R, but that is splitting hairs and this is fair placement for the R888R.

If you haven't tried the R888R yet: On my car, the R888R works better than the R888 on the front end which gives more confidence in faster corners. Making a Subaru turn in to a corner isn't easy, so for my AWD car, it works noticeably better than the R888. Not two seconds a lap, but in line with Toyo's data on the tire. The asymmetric non-directional tread pattern is odd to get used to, being able to rotate LF to RR without dismounting is also a help for Ontario's all Clockwise road courses.

I'd like to see OTA continue be a grass-roots competitor focused organization with fair options for all competitors. That also means keeping it affordable. Time Attack series need more sponsorship than race series because we're limited in the number of competitors we can have on-track at once. We can't put 60 cars out at once and let them "sort it out".

Steve, I've also run many of the combo's you have and I have data at least on my car that the R888R's in our GG compound are about on par with the RE71Rs in term of lap times at the DDT. The R888R's will have slighly better wear and last longer before going off in a session. I concur about the front end comment between R888 and the R's as well.

I'm very much in support of what you noted here and hope my work schedule doesn't preclude be from competing next year. Data talks and we all know TW #'s are BS
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