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Re: Toyo Tires Announcement and Sizing Poll

Originally Posted by Greg Campbell View Post
Anecdotal evidence, one data point only: I had RE-71s on my car at the end of the 2015 season. Did the shootout, two lapping days and maybe 2,000 street Km on them. Zero wear; and I mean no wear.

I think the perception of RE-71 wear rates is skewed by the tires' initial wear rates; they can go through the first 50% of tread depth rather quickly, slowing down after the excess tread depth is worn off.
I had a totally different experience with the RE-71s, went through two sets in 2016, both sets down to the cords by the 4th day of use, approx. 4 total on track hours on each set.

Tried the RS4s for 2017, they arenít as fast as the RE-71s as they canít seem to maintain the same mid corner grip levels, but after 4 OTA events and one lapping day I probably still have approx. 75% of the original tread depth left.

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