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Re: Toyo Tires Announcement and Sizing Poll

Originally Posted by Brutus View Post
It sounds to me like a decision that effects all competitors has already been made and now we're being asked to place an order for our tires.
Yes a decision has been made, no to the latter. All three clubs that run OTA were in favour of the R888R rule change, and that comes along with our first sponsorship contract for 2018.

The poll is a market survey. A long time sponsor wants to know what size tires our competitors use. Canada is a small market and no one likes buying two year old competition tires regardless of them being stored in a temperature controlled warehouse. Ideal for them is that they run out of every size they bring in a the end of the competition year and the market has zero demand until spring. That's near impossible, but that's their target. So they asked for a poll of what sizes people use. There isn't much, if any, exchange of inventory between the U.S. and Canada. (My guess, they don't like paying import duties twice since it's a competitively priced market.)

Originally Posted by Brutus View Post
It's not that I disagree that coming up with a potential solution to create what is believed to provide a leveler playing field, it appears that an unofficial 'spec' tire has been announced or maybe not announced. Which is it?
You have another option to purchase for street tire class that . That's the opposite of a spec tire.

Originally Posted by Brutus View Post
Hopefully these new OTA rules do not limit where a competitor can purchase their tires. I don't believe we should be allowing any corporate sponsor to dictate which independent retailer we purchase their product from.
The rules do not say which vendor you have to use. Participation in a Contingency benefit program may require you to purchase from a Canadian vendor. For example, Toyo USA gives this series nothing, so Toyo Tires Canada is not going to give you a free set of tires at the end of the year if your preferred vendor is Tire Rack.

Braidan Tire offers some coupons for purchase at their store, but they won't give you money to buy products that they sell from their competitors instead of them.

Make sense? Agreeable I hope.

Originally Posted by Brutus View Post
Now as for the size requirement survey, it would be good if we could indicate how many tires of a specific size that we intend to use in 2018.
Go ahead. That's what this thread is for.

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