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Re: 2018 Season

ok here we go ....'t happen again

I would like to say first that I don't consider what I said "BS", I consider it a legitimate concern and that it doesn't happen again - i personally don't want to have our track used by an outside organisation.

1) "We would not have had a race that weekend, it was too hot"
- but it was ok to run snowmobiles with massive traction bars chewing up the soft ice? That doesn't make sense.
2) "there was no damage to the ice, the sunday was cancelled to insure that"
Sunday was indeed cancelled thank God, but "no damage to the ice" - really!? They chewed up 3 inches or more ice turning it to useless slush that was then plowed away - I was there.
3)"the extra money that was made help to not rise our rates"
So revenue minus the costs which was how much? Not that you'll share but you can't use it as a reason unless you can justify it with a $ amount else how can we decide if it was worth it to us? Accountability to the ice racers and the organizers. I would hope they did better than break even but by how much $1, $500 ? So how much is enough?

Now I'm done with this - someone else can argue with you.
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