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Re: My first season with OTA

Jake, did you have fun ? My guess is yes

Did you become a better driver? My guess is also yes

OTA is a great place to do things that you only dreamed of before. You don't need to spend the money needed for wheel to wheel racing, you don't need to worry about car to car contact, you don't need to spend megabucks on your car to have fun, but you do get the drive the beejesus out your car without the worry of pedestrians, traffic lights or the long arm of the law.

The competition aspect just puts the icing on the cake. Most people who play golf keep score and those of us who play hockey will tell you that a game is more intense than shinny. OTOH, none of us are likely to be positioned to oust James Hinchcliffe from his ride so there is no need for the competitiveness to get out of hand. I really believe OTA has the right balance of fun speed and safety in an easily accessible environment with friendly like minded folks.
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