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Proposed Rule Changes for 2018

The CCC has been actively discussing potential rule changes for next year's OTA. Here is what we are suggesting so far.

1) Propose to allow Toyo 888 , 888R and RA-1 tires as zero PIP tires

2) Propose to allow oil catch cans at zero PIPs (authorized mod)

3) Propose to allow the removal of catalytic converters as long as least 1 functioning converter is in place at zero PIPs (authorized mod)

4) Increase the HI of all cars with dual clutch transmissions by 5

5) Charge 1.5 PIPs for the addition of a sequential transmission

6) Revise the penalty section of the rule book to charge a minimum of 10 PI for every undeclared modification PIP up to expulsion from the event at the choice of the stewards.

7) Increase the HI of the 2015 and up Mustangs by 5 from 45 to 50

8) Propose requiring head and neck restraints for all cars that use a 5 or more point harness for 2019

9) Propose removing the requirement of roll over protection to be able to properly install a 5+ point harness (as per manufacturer's instructions) as long as a head and neck restraint system is used for 2018

Let the discussion begin.
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