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Re: Proposed Rule Changes for 2018

My Thoughts..

1) Propose to allow Toyo 888 , 888R and RA-1 tires as zero PIP tires
This is okay by me, I plan to run zero PIP RE71R anyhow

2) Propose to allow oil catch cans at zero PIPs (authorized mod)
Never understood why this was a PIP

3) Propose to allow the removal of catalytic converters as long as least 1 functioning converter is in place at zero PIPs (authorized mod)
Does this mean I can keep the Cat and gut it? I already have a HFC

4) Increase the HI of all cars with dual clutch transmissions by 5
This makes no sense? Car does not handle better, make the car 2 pips higher if equipped with DCT ie the PDK from Porsche

5) Charge 1.5 PIPs for the addition of a sequential transmission
Anyone running these? They are a huge advantage

6) Revise the penalty section of the rule book to charge a minimum of 10 PI for every undeclared modification PIP up to expulsion from the event at the choice of the stewards.
I hate cheaters, so I am good with this

7) Increase the HI of the 2015 and up Mustangs by 5 from 45 to 50
John P will not like this... LOL

8) Propose requiring head and neck restraints for all cars that use a 5 or more point harness for 2019
This makes sense, if you buy a harness, scrape some money together for a HANS device.

9) Propose removing the requirement of roll over protection to be able to properly install a 5+ point harness (as per manufacturer's instructions) as long as a head and neck restraint system is used for 2018
I don't think you want a harness without ROP, I can't imagine being tightly secured in a harness and rolling over with the roof collapsing in on me!
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