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Re: Proposed Rule Changes for 2018

I expected the harness issue to be the biggest point of discussion.

I feel that a high speed frontal impact is far more likely than a rollover in my car (Corvette) and likely the structure is indeed much stronger than a lot of other vehicles. OTOH as our rules state now, I cannot use a head and neck restraint, which I feel is important , because the rules committee insists that I have a VERY expensive roll bar installed in my car. Therefore the rules committee is dictating to me what is the safer option to me (which I thoroughly disagree with) and are preventing me from using what I believe to be the safer option i.e head and neck restraint with a 5+ harness vs OEM 3 points. Proper mounting can be done with the use of harness bar which attaches to the B pillar.

Certainly some groups have the same rules as ours but others such as Chin motorsports, one of the largest lapping groups in the USA, do not dictate the safety rules i.e harnesses are ok in regular cars. BTW rumours are that the USA has about twice the number of lawyers per capita as Canada.

Also at this stage we allow 5+ point harnesses in old convertibles with roll bars where the descent of the A pillar is a lot MORE likely than in my car.

I would see either let the competitor decide what is the safest for him (we do let competitors declare if their car is safe with the safety check list) OR we only allow the use of a harness in a car with a full roll cage. Our present rules are quite inconsistent.
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