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Re: Proposed Rule Changes for 2018

Originally Posted by Snizzoop View Post
Is it really okay to potentially let a 20+ year old tin can (Civic/Integra for example) rip around Mosport with a seat, harness and H&N restraint without a roll bar? Older cars just don't have the same strength greenhouse (roof structure) that the cars of today have.

Could we also remove the requirement of rollbars for convertibles? Basically the same thing.
Unless you're arguing that a 20+ year old civic needs a rollbar in all circumstances, it's not basically the same thing. A permanent hard top has some protection in a rollover, a convertible has nothing. If you really want to get at how "safe" it is, a lot more context is required. Look at me vs Steve in his car, I doubt the roof could ever collapse enough to get near my head with how low his seats are mounted (even with no cage at all), but it could easily collapse enough to put pressure on his head.

IIRC, we don't require thorough inspection of cages/rollbars either, so it could be a bar made with too thin of tubing to be effective.

Originally Posted by Grant Galloway View Post
3) Propose to allow the removal of catalytic converters as long as least 1 functioning converter is in place at zero PIPs (authorized mod)
Does this mean I can keep the Cat and gut it? I already have a HFC
Nope, gutted wouldn't be functioning. I'd also suggest we adopt the SCCA rule that the cat can't be more than 6" further back than the furthest aft stock cat.

Originally Posted by Grant Galloway View Post
4) Increase the HI of all cars with dual clutch transmissions by 5
This makes no sense? Car does not handle better, make the car 2 pips higher if equipped with DCT ie the PDK from Porsche
Unfortunately there's no way to just add 2 pips to a base car with the current classification system. It could be added as a required "mod", but then the CCDB would need to police it.
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