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Re: Proposed Rule Changes for 2018

I know for my first couple of seasons, I had no idea of the dangers of various harness types, not running HANS etc. A lot of entrants do not understand these things, that's why the non DOT 4pts are banned for example and not in the "Well, if it makes you feel safer..." category. OTA is an entry level sport in terms of on track competition, you can't expect competitors to have the knowledge to make the best decisions on their safety gear.

I think mandating HANS for running a 5/6pt is a very sensible proposal first of all, and shouldn't wait for 2019. The risks of serious injury with multipoint harness and no HANS in even moderate frontal impacts are way high.

For the rest, I just don't see who can possibly be qualified to say "this car's structure is good enough to not worry about roof collapse, this one is not". No scrutineer can be expected to deliver that verdict.

Lastly, car structure does not matter in terms of preventing basular skull fracture in side impacts (the likes of which are very possible in solo competition), neither does HANS. Your only mitigation there is suitable containment seat and/or nets, or stock 3 pts that allow the body to move (and, if you're lucky, the side airbags that your car has).

For anecdote, I can supply a link via PM to a thread discussing a fatality at Summit Point last year. Cliff notes: Caged E46 M3, side impact on passenger side, 5 pts, HANS, no containment seat. Passenger actually survived with minor injuries, driver died on site from BSF. This was an HDPE with, by all accounts, driver experienced with competition,

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