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Re: Proposed Rule Changes for 2018

Very good discussions and well considered opinions offered here. The problem is that none of us has the required real data needed to make a decision. For that we need to approach international safety research bodies to get the best data available for decision making.

Personally I can't accept the idea of protecting against some incidents (ie. frontal impacts) and not others (roll overs) when both are real and probable outcomes of our sport. I therefore would support the "all in" option that best protects competitors from reasonably likely outcomes.

So to me that means A: (OEM specs with upgraded seats but use of 3 point harnesses) or B: (full cage/hans/5-6 harnesses/containment seats and window nets.) The dilemma of course is cost of the latter option which would significantly reduce the field size and render the series unsustainable.

We are grassroots for sure but that certainly does not mean that we should be unsafe. As has been stated, many newcomers don't really understand the risk exposure so we need to help them, but to protect against only a subset of likely outcomes isn't right either.

This is a tough one. Now that the discussion is public we need to resolve a position on behalf of all competitors and implement in 2018. Give us the strength to do so.
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