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Re: Proposed Rule Changes for 2018

Originally Posted by Dave Barker View Post
Also at this stage we allow 5+ point harnesses in old convertibles with roll bars where the descent of the A pillar is a lot MORE likely than in my car.

I would see either let the competitor decide what is the safest for him (we do let competitors declare if their car is safe with the safety check list) OR we only allow the use of a harness in a car with a full roll cage. Our present rules are quite inconsistent.
Originally Posted by Gwoody27 View Post
So to me that means A: (OEM specs with upgraded seats but use of 3 point harnesses) or B: (full cage/hans/5-6 harnesses/containment seats and window nets.) The dilemma of course is cost of the latter option which would significantly reduce the field size and render the series unsustainable.
To solve the dilemma I suggest the current rules remain as they are (as requirements for participation) and some guidelines be added to the rules (as recommendations only).

As Gary points out, requiring a full cage if you have a containment seat and 5/6 pt. harness would add significant cost to some competitors and may reduce participation.

Each competitor should be responsible for how much risk he or she is willing to take on. We already do so, in the amount of pre-competition inspection we perform on our cars, when we perform maintenance and how fast we are willing to push the car and ourselves.

The requirements would be the current rule set.

The recommendations would be:
  • if using a 5/6 pt. harness and containment seat then use of a Hans device is recommended
    1. for convertibles, a roll bar is required (as it is already)
    2. for convertibles, a full roll cage is recommended
    3. for convertibles, a "permanent" hard top (as per SCCA) is recommended
    4. for non-convertibles, either a roll bar or full cage are recommended

Or something similar to the above. The point of the recommendations is to make it explicit in the rule book for all competitors.
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