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Re: Proposed Rule Changes for 2018

Originally Posted by ONdriver View Post
Being one of the few witnesses to Kelly's incident I feel the need to comment here.
Kelly, I'm pretty sure your injuries were a result of the initial impact with the tire wall and not the subsequent slow speed rollover off of the tire wall. Would you not agree with this?
This would corroborate with the suggestion being put forth by Dave, in that if you had been wearing a 5 point restraint your injuries would have been minimal, it was just bad luck that your car got high enough on the tire wall to fall off to the side once the forward motion had stopped.
Again not all incidents are the same but in my years at OTA there have been many more frontal and/or side impacts than rollovers so that would suggest that enhanced seat restraints would be a benefit in the majority of cases.
Of course, nothing in life is 100% certain, just wanted to throw out some more info to add to this discussion.
Perry, yes my injuries were as a result of the frontal impact. The speed the car hit the tire wall at was much higher than it appeared to be. I know, I was there!
I actually have no complaints with the way the car held up. It was designed by engineers to save you in case of accident and that's another reason we have to be careful about making changes to those designs. We can actually make the car less safe with certain modifications.
And my rollover was indeed a slow rollover after the initial impact with the wall. That is precisely why I feel the way I do. Even though the car rolled slowly, there was still some degree of intrusion in the front middle area of the roof where the strength is at its least. As I've said, with OEM safety equipment I was able to move around and avoid any issue with the roof. Had it have been more severe with more intrusion, it would be that much more important that I be able to avoid that intrusion.
Hence my particular point of view: if held in place with a harness and no rollover protection, that is a dangerous situation.
It seems obvious to me that in that case rollover protection is a must so that nothing comes down on your head!
I am obviously on the side of either
(A). All OEM safety equipment - or -
(B). the full Monty of modified safety equipment (harness, HANS & roll bar at a minimum).

As you know, when I was Director, the safety of competitors was my first concern. I no longer compete in OTA but I believe the research and personal experience that I can offer have merit.
I simply do not want to see unnecessary injury to anyone in the series!
And, yes I know - none of us do. But lets tread very carefully with this issue. Do the research. Find out what they do in other series. Don't rush to a conclusion. And don't let the cost factor be a concern. I've competed, so I know - this sport is expensive no matter how you look at it. One should not skimp on safety.
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