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Re: Proposed Rule Changes for 2018

Originally Posted by Dave Barker View Post
I think the issue can be expressed easily

1) most everyone agrees that a head on or frontal impact is more likely to happen than a roll over

2) head and neck restraints likely prevent occipital bone fractures in frontal impacts. Not so sure that OEM 3 points and airbags do as good a job as they are designed for slower impacts but admit I have no data. Certainly airbags are not useful in a roll over.

3) Why are we insisting that to avoid the more common type of impact that all competitors need to protect them selves from the less common type of impact first?
The first and third statement are actually ridiculous Dave. You are implying things that are not true in the first one. You, and two others (?) are the only people that agree that a HANS and harness's should be aloud without a roll bar.

The majority of people in here are saying they do not agree that you should be aloud to run a harness and a HANS device without a roll bar. In fact, a few people are saying you should need all safety gear (HANS, harness, full cage and seat) or nothing at all and run full OEM.

The reason everyone is saying to avoid the more common type of impact (frontal) they need to protect themselves from the less common type (roll over) IS BECAUSE IT CAN STILL HAPPEN!

Safety is a system. In my opinion it should be all or nothing. But in the interest of people needing to drive the cars they compete with to the track, a happy medium of roll bar, fixed back seat, harness and HANS protects against the most common types of incidents possible at OTA, lowering the percentage of injury across the board. HANS and harnesses without a roll bar may decrease the chance of injury in one accident (frontal) but it increases it in a roll over. Again, it seems counter intuitive to me.

At the end of the day motorsports is dangerous, we all take a chance when we get behind the wheel no matter what safety gear is in place.
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