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Re: Proposed Rule Changes for 2018

Originally Posted by iamthewheelman View Post
The first and third statement are actually ridiculous Dave. You are implying things that are not true in the first one. You, and two others (?) are the only people that agree that a HANS and harness's should be aloud without a roll bar.

At the end of the day motorsports is dangerous, we all take a chance when we get behind the wheel no matter what safety gear is in place.
Actually there are a lot of people both in and out of OTA that agree with statement 1. This is whole basis of why Chin motorsport does not have the restrictions that we do. Here is a quote from one of the ambassadors of the Motorsport-Safety Foundation

"Any driver in motorsports has a higher statistical probability of impacting a fixed object (barrier, tires, armco), than the probability of having a rollover."*

OTOH, I have no issue with insisting that if you are going to use a harness that you need a minimum of Hans type device, and likely a cage vs just a bar , and if you really want to be safe, a containment seat should be required. My concern is if something happens to a competitor that could have been prevented by a head and neck restraint which we told them they could not use, we are potentially liable. Just like having drivers sign their tech inspection sheets for every event. They are taking the responsibility, not the series.

Obviously driving on a track at high speed has its risks but I don't think we have enough data to say that option A is considered safer than option B or C. Right now it appears we are just guessing.
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