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Re: My first season with OTA

Originally Posted by mcbeth059 View Post
Thanks everyone for the kind words!

I'm definitely going to take the advice and get some more instruction, there is always room for improvement. I'm also looking into getting a lap timer for when I'm doing my own lapping.

The only upgrades I'm looking to do to the car are tires (235/45R17 R888R- if they end up being 0 PIP) I've also heard of people running as wide as 255 on stock suspension on these BRZ/FRS's but also saying that they are slower than a narrower tire.
I'm also planning on running a better brake pad, and better fluid. I only really experienced brake fade at DDT, but I'd rather just be safe when running out there.

Also thank you to all the organizers of the banquet! Food and company were great, looking forward to next year!
I could've sworn Tire Rack did a tire test on the BRZ but not sure if they compared widths as opposed to a bigger radius tire.

Either way, track pads are a MUST along with proper brake fluid. There's a thread on this forum by @Brutus about various different fluids and their boiling points (both dry and wet) right here:

Both your car and mine are very similar so let me know if you have any questions! I am envious that your car comes with a square tire size setup compared to my factory stagger... argh more money to spend on wheels.
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