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Re: Escort GT Ride Along @ SMP 2017 #6

I am impressed with your approach, not trying to conquer the world in a day but building up to speed in a systematic manner. Very good.

IMO from where you sit now tires will make the biggest difference. I would go to R888R if you can get your size. R1R would also be an improvement but are an older design. Both are better than your Dunlops which were not designed for track use at all.

Getting a proper alignment would also be a big help towards consistency. Together these things should allow the car to send proper signals to you even with soft springs. For you year 2 should be all about becoming consistent as you learn the car and tracks. If you can get help learning the lines, hit your reference points and drive smoothly you will be faster and safer, no question.

Remember the classroom, Smooth and Consistent = Safe and Fast
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